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enya - Dark Sky Island + And Winter Came...

With her latest Album "Dark Sky Island" enya surpassed her own masterpieces of the past and consolidated again her unique world #1 ranking:

Please visit also the website http://www.enya.sk for more news about enya. It's really worth it...
Album-Sampler Dark-Sky-Island
The complete Tracklisting of "Dark Sky Island"
The Humming
So I Could Find My Way
Even in the Shadows
The Forge of the Angels
Echoes in Rain
I Could Never Say Goodbye
Dark Sky Island
Sancta Maria
Astra et Luna
The Loxian Gates
Diamonds on the Water

(Three extra songs)
Pale Grass Blue
Remember Your Smile

PS (1) - Dark Sky Island is SARK, one of the Channel Islands
PS (2) - Unique guest performance by Eddy Lee of the Irish band 'Those Nervous Animals', who contributes the double bass to the song "Even in the Shadows"

A N G E L ?
My Dream with an angel  in January 2006

I dream of sitting with several people at a table in a small gallery where works of art are exhibited by my twin daughters. Together with my wife they are busying to hang the artwork at the walls.
Suddenly, out of nowhere, a slender woman appears at our table, whom I recognize as an old acquaintance of mine (but who?).
She is wearing a close-fitting white evening dress.
I expect a look of recognition, but she avoids my gaze (consciously or unconsciously) and lets her gaze glide curiously over the other people present (who don't notice her).
Then she slides (or floats) further into the room and then disintegrates into nothingness: was she an angel?
End of my dream

It was the end of 2008, two weeks before my brother died of cancer, that I already mourned for him. Then I heard some tracks of the album "And Winter Came" by enya  (a female singer I didn't know until then) on the radio. They gave me so much comfort that I bought a CD with her album in a music shop.
And who did I see on the cover?
The angel from my dream: enya …

The complete Tracklisting of "And Winter Came"
 Journey of the Angels
White is in the Winter Night
O Come, O Come, Emmanuel
Trains and Winter Rains
Dreams are More Precious
Last Time by Moonlight
One Toy Soldier
Stars and Midnight Blue
The Spirit of Christmas Past
My! My! Time Flies!
Oíche Chiúin (Chorale)

First Name:           enya (Eithne Patricia Ní)
Last Name:           Brennan (Bhraonáin)
Birthday:              17 May 1961
Place of Birth:       Gweedore Ireland
Residence:            Southern France
Zodiac Sign:          Taurus
Oscar Nomination: for "May it be"
Grammy Awards:   4
Albums sold:         75+ Millions
Creative Team:      enya,
                         Roma Ryan
                         (female lyricist and author) and
                           Nicky Ryan
                            (producer and sound engineer)


e n y a

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