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Extract "MALACHUS"

Translated from German


Before telling my story I would like to take you on a time travel into the past; to that legendary era in the history of man, about which admittedly much has been written and riddled, but lacks up till now any evidence from archeological point of view : the era of the Atlanteans, which achieved her zenith around ca. 10,000 years B.C.
Its technologically advanced high culture surpassed ours in many ways, not least through the mastery and application of cosmic wave energy. Atlantis, the stronghold of this culture, was a small continent which, geographically, before it disappeared forever from the earth's surface, was located in the eastern part of today's Atlantic Ocean, separated from Western Europe by a narrow strait.
The power and wealth of the Atlanteans were legendary, for their merchant fleet, supported by a well-equipped war fleet, dominated the seas around Western Europe and Africa, as well as the Mediterranean Sea, bringing shiploads of gold and silver, oils and salt and other treasures to Atlantis.
The mild climate, the fertile soil and an intelligently managed agriculture helped the inhabitants to produce all imaginable food products in abundance.
But in this "paradise on earth" it was seething, when the king's sons conspired with each other and against the king, to take over the supremacy of Atlantis. In this troubled time, in which the fate of Atlantis and its inhabitants took its course, the following story happened.

In the metropolis the vehicles floated, as if guided by magic, a cubit high above the streets and avenues, invisibly and silently driven by the energy waves of the high crystal towers, which, obelisks not unlike, shaped the cityscape of Poseidon, the capital of Atlantis. To the north of the capital, the foothills of a snow-covered high mountain range lay like a protective wall against the cold north winds that in winter cut them open at the northern flank like a cutting edge, turned them off to the eastern and western coastal areas of Atlantis and thus helped Poseidon to a pleasant climate.
Also in the canals there was a lot of activity. Flat ships without sails moved with their cargoes through the concentrically arranged channels, which spread out like cornfield circles from the center to the outer districts and were cut through by straight waterways in the eight wind directions, whereby the waterway was wider in the southern direction than the other channels and as the main channel connected the center with palace and temple complexes directly with the port at the sea.
Sinos steered his floating vehicle, called the 'carriage' in Atlantis, to a bridge leading to the centre. He had the eerie feeling of being watched and therefore hardly an eye for the magnificent buildings and parks he passed that summer day.
The mysterious voice, which had persuaded him the night before completely unexpectedly, had warned him of it and had hardly helped to calm his agitated thoughts. The unknown voice had reached him through the ventilation slits of his bedroom; quietly but clearly recognizable.
"Sinos, keeper of the crystals, do you hear me?
"Who is there?" he had replied, sleep-drunk, standing up on his elbows in his bed, frightened, looking around in the dark of the bedroom.
"Ssst," hissed the voice. "Thou shalt only listen! Go to the temple tomorrow morning and demand the high priest Malachus. If he is not alone, insist on wanting to speak to him only in private. As soon as you are alone with him, you say to him: "Sagittarius is ready". He will understand that and the rest will take care of itself. Don't talk about it with any other person, not even with your wife, because otherwise your life and the lives of many innocent people will be in danger and make sure that you have offerings with you so that the spies think you want to pray to the gods. For spies will be there; they have always been there.
The voice was silent.
"Who are you," he whispered uncertainly. "And what is all this about?
"I am a friend who came to you from a distant star to save part of the seed we sowed in Atlantis at that time," the voice replied. "You will find our star system in the constellation of Taurus.
Sinos asked in amazement: "The Pleiades?
"Yes, from the star "Electra", one of the seven daughters of Atlas", the voice explained. But all this should not concern you now. Repeat the message you are to deliver to Malachus".
He did what was called, the voice muttered contentedly and then said goodbye with the words: "Hail to the Sagittarian, and good luck, for you will need that!

After that Sinos had been awake for a long time and pondered the astonishing news from the stranger that he had come from the Pleiades.
With his telescope he had often observed this cluster of stars with the beautiful Seven Sisters protruding from it. But how was it possible that the stranger had bridged this dizzying distance?
And what did he mean by the seed? Did he mean the Atlantians by that? Did that mean that our ancestors came from the Pleiades? And what mysterious thing was it at all?
Who were those spies who tried to kill him if he was discovered or made a mistake? The stranger's voice had sounded very convincing, not because the words were emphasized, but because he was missing. That had really impressed him and frightened him.
When he finally fell asleep exhausted, he had a strange dream.
He rode a brown horse without a saddle. His legs snuggled tightly around the rounded horse's belly, giving him a sense of oneness with the animal. It responded immediately to orders he gave with his heels, and he was surprised that he could ride so well and felt no fear of the animal at all. He, the scientist, who had never ridden a horse before in his life.

Somehow the memory of this dream helped him to keep his cool this morning and to chat with his wife during breakfast as if nothing had happened. After saying goodbye to her with a kiss and getting into his coach, she had logically assumed that he was on his way to one of the Crystal Towers, for he, the guardian of crystal energy, was responsible for the flawless energy supply of the capital.
As soon as he reached the enormous step plateau in front of the main temple, he parked his coach, got out, and walked up the steps to visit the high priest in his chambers. Malachus was, as was he, a member of the "Council of the Seven," the supreme body that the King consulted on important matters of state. The high priest was the eldest and probably the wisest of them, he thought. Always razor sharp in his assessment of complicated or complex situations, and always one step ahead when it came to assessing the consequences of an action. His contacts with Malachus, however, were limited to council meetings, for otherwise they separated worlds: Religion and Science. Nevertheless, he felt respect for the priest, who seemed to have the King's inclined ear.

He found the high priest in the forecourt of the temple, surrounded by his disciples listening to him. In the adjoining galleries, he discovered other figures observing the scene. Priests, visitors or perhaps spies? He did not know. He tried to be inconspicuous, sat on a bench made of granite and placed the offerings next to him.
A priest, who had apparently been watching him, approached him as if on signal. "I want to pray to the gods, but first consult the high priest," he answered the unspoken question of the priest.
"As soon as he has finished his lessons, I will send him your request," the priest replied and disappeared again in the gallery. When the class was over, he saw the priest approaching Malachus and whispering something in his ear. The high priest nodded, returned something, and disappeared through one of the passages leading into the interior of the temple.
Please follow me," said the priest who had suddenly appeared before him.
He rose, grabbed the offerings and followed the priest, who led him quickly and quietly through a labyrinth of corridors to a small room that, apart from a stone table, was completely empty! The priest locked the door, then stepped on a wall and opened a secret door. "Put your offerings on the table and go in here" the priest asked while pointing to the secret passage. Hesitantly, he went in and heard the secret door locked behind him.
He was in a dark passage leading to a dimly lit opening. Undecided, he stopped, but then he gathered himself together and held towards the opening.

Sofar the beginning of chapter one ...

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