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Translated from German

We are time travelers,
moving along
the infinitive spirals of time.
Longing full of desire
for the next stop.
And brimming of plans
demanding for accomplishment.

Each time again
we step down from that spiral.
Timidly and strange
into an obscure illusion.
Learning language and customs
which are not ours.

Our previous plans
are fading to impulses,
encouraging us now and then,
to continue our exploration
in discovering ourselves.

And sometimes
we meet fellow travellers
wrapped into other shapes.
And we are wondering,
why they have changed.
Or is it the illusion,
which has changed us all?

And are we at last
saturated by all new impressions,
we wearily withdraw then
to our spirals in time.
Leaving behind a lightning trail,
to all the others,
who are still occupied.

(Sunday, 3 September 2000)
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