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Eibert Kremers, born February 19, 1944 in Enschede, Netherlands, star sign Aquarius.

From his personal experiences with fringe sciences, such as spirituality and esotericism, the following works were created.

In the middle of 2002 his first Dutch work "TIJDREIS (Time Travel), Een levensvisie" (a Vision of Life), came out. In 2004 his german fiction "DER HÜTER DER KRISTALLE" (Guardian of the Crystals) was published. Mid-January 2011 his Collection of Poems "NEUBEGINN" and end of May 2011 his key novel "MALACHUS" (also in german).

- - -

Let yourself be guided
by the higher self,
and your path will always
be the right one...

© Eibert Kremers – 2021

You and your world are one:
if your worldview changes,
your world changes too.

So let go of what is undesirable
and live for a better world,
your world…

© Eibert Kremers – 2021

We don't need to understand miracles
to make them happen.
All we have to do when they appear is
to recognise them as such
and accept them…

© Eibert Kremers – 2020

Don't look at things of today'
'cause they belong to yesterday.
Imagine instead the things
you wish to see next day!

© Eibert Kremers – 2017

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